I tried every combo of rb recieving paths

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I tried every combo of rb recieving paths

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Posted here about a month ago asking for assistance on getting started in MUT. Since then I'm up to 86 entire across the board. Somewhat weak at both safety positions and will certainly get on Mut 20 coins by completing some of the challenges that you advised me to 31, however I made progress. My question is, now what? I've done the majority of the challenges in which you get a Madden participant in the end (Deacon, Baker, Mike Thomas, etc).What do you guys do then? Only play head to head times? Might it be worth doing the team motif challenges? Any other challenges? Solo Battles may be excellent, but I can not get over 24000 therefore leaving me stuck in the veteran degree and not being able to get the reward for the amount of time I put in. Any advice thanks.

I have done them until I got the big Madden player benefits. Would you continue to do them until you complete? I feel like the grind doesn't obtain a big sufficient reward.I'm using you. Consistently just been a franchise man but I beat every group by 50 in franchise and got bored with it so figured I would try this out.I only pay 5 per week for the weekly dream package. Its at 30k coins that are free. If theres anything you can do for no money but yah imo idk.

Exactly. That's why I am pissed. It will work the way. But the majority of the time that the button wont do anything. Like I select pass shield, but the route wont go away and my choices dont vanish. Like it doesnt realize there has been a button pressed. It will be taken by it in the last seconds, if I press. But usually attempt to throw it quickly before I get struck, and I must give it up. It. I understand it not working if it is a route that starts as play action. Nonetheless, it's just usually a swing pass which I'm attempting to cancel. It seems like it is an issue that most men and women dont cope with.

Just tried a match on play I played the saints TO buy Madden 20 coins. And every time that I tried to place back the running to pass protect, it would flash the x ray below Kamara. Then it wouldn't change it, and that I keep hitting r2 and nothing occurs. I tried every combo of rb recieving paths. I even tried 2 rbs and one would alter to pass protect. However, any time I put the line to max protect, the running backs and tight ends would change to pass protection and I cant get certain paths back after I offset them. But I will place the tight end to a route or anything else easy. And my running back can help block. But it kinda ruins where the paths are from people on the line some plays.

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