PET Preform Mould manufactuers china

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PET Preform Mould manufactuers china

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Mould Description:12 Cavities PET preform mould with hot runner.
Shaping mode: Plastic Injection Mould
Product Material: Steel
Cavity quantity:12 cavities
Main mould base :P20 steel (Nitrogen treatment, HRC 28-32 degree)
Core (punch) and cavity:S136 (Vacuum quench treatment, HRC 43-52 degree)
Screw neck (lip):S136
Heating plate: H13 steel , Chinese standard manifold.
Heating ring: ROTFIL from Italy.
Temperature controller: PID voltage temperature controller
Preform mould configuration Adopted European mould structure: PET materials go into nozzle tip straightly to improve mould cycle time.
Cooling system on cavity, core. If u require, we also design the cooling system on neck (slip).
Preforms drop through injection machine central ejector automatically
The controller heat Individual cavities, runner and sprue.
One Temperature zone control one point temperature.
Double-locked, inter-changeable mould components;
Usage life (guarantee):3,000,000 shots-5,000,000 shots
Certification: ISO9001
Country of origin: China
Brand name: Yuan Neng
Warranty Period:one year
Delivery time:30-45 days
Shipping Port:FOB Ningbo FOB Shanghai
MOQ: 1 set pet preform mould
Packing details:
1. Outside package: Standard wooden cases;
2. Inner package: Stretch waterproof film & Each Mold painted anti-rust oil.
3. Spare parts together with the mold shipment packed in wooden cases
Payment T/T: 30%deposite, 70% balance after approval of all types of samples but before delivery.
Mould features:
1.No cutting of valve gate is employed to reduce the labor cost
2.Advanced hot runner system assures lower level of AA value
3.Reasonable-designed cold water channels increase cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.PET Preform Mould manufactuers china

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PET Preform Mould manufactuers china

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es hat die Analoga nicht?

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PET Preform Mould manufactuers china

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Thank you Charles, I want to discuss the hazard identification and their rating w.r.t. PET preform manufacturing for beverage industry. Best RegardsSwazzer

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