Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

Wake On Lan ist eine Funktion womit man seinen Rechner anschalten kann, ohne selbst auf den Startbutten drücken zu müssen.
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Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

Beitragvon zhebaby0812 » Fr 22. Feb 2019, 06:56

Equipped with one of the best work roll brands, Kaida Roll Group is one of competitive 4 HI mill work rolls manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to visit our website.
Forged steel work roll performs as a tool to transform materials under normal room temperature, therefore , it is the most wear and tear spare parts during the rolling process . With 2%Cr, 3%Cr, 5%Cr material series , we have greatly improved our products both in terms of quality and diversification .
In order to reduce the rolling mill rolls consumption, extend the roll campaign, we hire the best technical and quality team to control the quality, with the most advanced facilities.
Table.1 Physical Performances
SymbolHardnessHardness UniformityDepth of hardnessSize
9Cr2Mo85-102 HSD3HSD8~15mm¢200-600mm
Pic.1 Harndess Curve of Work Roll
Table.2 Roll Applications
SymbolType of materialApplication for cold mills
9Cr2Mo2% CrWork rolls for general 4 HI mill
MC33% CrWork rolls and intermediate rolls for reverse cold mills.
MC55% CrWork rolls for tandem mill and skin pass mil
Forged Roll Production Process
Forged materials produced by the most famous special steel company are in line with our production requirements. We keep our continuous innovation and improvement of our products to keep us competitive. Our outstanding operational technology, advanced on site management and rigid quality control at each production step, ensure our quality assurance to our customers..
Main Equipment
90 ton DC Electrical Arc Furnace
40 ton Ladle Furnace
40 ton Vacuum Degas Furnace
26.5 ton Electro-slag Furnace
16MN Forging Machine
3000 ton Forging Machine
Forging Machine
Landle Furnace
CNC Lathe Machine
CNC Milling Machine
CNC Grinding Machine
Double Frequency Quenching Machine
Industrial Frequency Quenching Machine
Large Tempering Furnace
Waldrich Grinding Machine
CNC Lathe Machine
Waldrich Grinding Machine
Conventional Heat Treatment of Back-up Roll
Surface Induction
CNC Milling MachineForged Steel Rolls manufacturers

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Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

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Ich bezweifle daran nicht.

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Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

Beitragvon bennieenepe » Mi 24. Apr 2019, 04:21

Drop forged "TEEL" Id say is any set of material properties and chemistry you can think of. Drop forged is open air steel casting and is weaker than cold "FORGED" steel, which is worked hardened, mechanically formed when red hot and cooling.

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Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

Beitragvon byrondum » So 19. Mai 2019, 11:08

It actually IS deep when you think on Wilys line from the MM1 album.

"Can you not feel/ that we could have a life forged in steel"

And theres the title of the corresponding MM2 song, "Fate forged in steel."

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Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

Beitragvon Barrycruts » So 7. Jul 2019, 05:59

Jon,if you want to run a pontiac and NEED a forged crank I might be able to work something out with you.Say hi to ParkhurstTom

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