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von bennieenepe
Sa 27. Apr 2019, 01:59
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Thema: China Sublimation Heat Press Machine
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China Sublimation Heat Press Machine

Hey everyone, I was hoping you guys could help me out. Im looking at buying a new heat press machine so I can make t-shirts for my kids soccer teams. I have been having a hard time finding the best heat press machine since there are so many heat press machine reviews on the internet. I have been loo...
von bennieenepe
Fr 26. Apr 2019, 02:07
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Thema: buy Boat Hoist
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buy Boat Hoist

I am looking for the name of a manufacturer that makes an electric canopy skirt for a boat hoist. I thought I saw one on the Internet but can not find it on my search.
von bennieenepe
Do 25. Apr 2019, 05:32
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Thema: Exterior Wall Paint price
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Exterior Wall Paint price


Can anyone recommend a good waterproof exterior wall paint, bit like weathershield in the uk? Also what is the difference between these types of exterior wall paint : acrylique, pliolite and siloxane?


von bennieenepe
Mi 24. Apr 2019, 22:03
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Thema: China cargo shorts suppliers
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China cargo shorts suppliers

Thanks for the updates.. I would to see trailer videos if there are any... Thanks again
von bennieenepe
Mi 24. Apr 2019, 04:21
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Thema: Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers
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Forged Steel Rolls manufacturers

Drop forged "TEEL" Id say is any set of material properties and chemistry you can think of. Drop forged is open air steel casting and is weaker than cold "FORGED" steel, which is worked hardened, mechanically formed when red hot and cooling.
von bennieenepe
Di 23. Apr 2019, 20:02
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Thema: Antenna Signal Amplifier
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Antenna Signal Amplifier

I am about 40 miles from a city and have a good amplifier on an outside antenna. System works well, gets about 39 channels including several off the backside One channel we really like has been directed by the FCC to go low power and switch to channel 26 in November. The low power probably works wel...
von bennieenepe
Di 23. Apr 2019, 11:33
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Thema: Anti-counterfeiting Qr Code Sticker suppliers
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Anti counterfeiting Qr Code Sticker suppliers

Instead of everything having “gen” in the name I say it should all have “retard” at the ends like the 400